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Positioned on the primary global trade routes, Oman is the first point of entry to the growing markets of MENA, Indian subcontinent, and Africa.

ASYAD provides integrated logistics solutions 

with end-to-end services across ports, freezones and shipping.


Omantel and ASYAD Group successfully launched 5G based innovative ICT solutions at the Drydock

Baha’ Al Lawati: The Proof of Concept trials reflect our abilities and Omantel role as enabler for digital transformation.

Dr. Sultan Al Hinai: Technology is one of ASYAD’s pillar competitive advantage to serve our global customers and provide operational excellence

The first use of 5G technology in video surveillance and smart applications for enterprise customers

In a new step that reflects Omantel leading role in digital transformation and the enormous capabilities provided by the 5G technologies, Omantel, the leading integrated telecom & ICT services provider in the Sultanate, in cooperation with ASYAD Group, the Middle East`s integrated logistics provider, announced the successful Proof of Concept trials to provide video surveillance ‘video as a service’ and high-speed internet for vessels docking at the drydock over 5G technology.

The trials are part of the existing cooperation between ASYAD Group and Omantel to benefit from ICT solutions in streamlining the operation of ASYAD Group companies. The Special Economic Zone at Duqm has been selected for these two trials as they play a key role in the economic diversification efforts in the Sultanate in addition to the presence of a large number of local and international companies that can benefit from such solutions.Commenting on this, Eng. Baha Mohammed Redha Al Lawati, Vice President Enterprise Unit at Omantel said

, “The Proof-of-Concept trials reflect our unparalleled technological capabilities and the key role played by Omantel as enabler for digital transformation in the Sultanate. This will enable the adoption of innovative solutions to different challenges facing enterprises and the enhancement of video surveillance services, in addition to providing ultra-high internet speeds for ships docked at the dry dock.  The trials also mark the first use of the 5G technology in providing smart video surveillance services and analytics in the Sultanate for enterprise customers.

"We are confident that such solutions can be rolled over to various sectors and industries in the Special Economic Zone in Duqm and the rest of the Sultanate which will help in overcoming different challenges facing various business sectors", he added.


On his part, Dr. Sultan bin Zayed bin Muhammad Al Hinai, Acting Vice President of the Technology Support Unit atASYAD Group, said,

“We are proud of this cooperation with Omantel and the positive results of the two trials. The 5G based services will undoubtedly contribute to enhancing the digital transformation within ASYAD Group. This forms the first use of 5G technology in smart video surveillance and providing high speed internet services for our clients and business partners from various international shipping companies who carry out their annual fleet and giant ships maintenance here”.


"The Proof-of-Concept trials are part of ASYAD Group's efforts to benefit from new technologies to boost the Group’s competitiveness globally and to provide practical solutions that enhance the quality of the services and offer an unmatched experience. This step will contribute to strengthening the Drydock’s role in logistics and increase the efficiency of its services. The results, which exceeded expectations, reiterate the importance of the steps taken by ASYAD Group towards digital transformation and deployment of state-of-the-art technologies across the Group.” he concluded.

5G is a key enabler for the adoption of the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) technologies such as Internet of Things “IoT”, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Big Data. In addition to the unparallered data transfer speeds that 5G technology provides and offers ultra-low latency and an instantaneous response to a higher number of connected devices. 5G is also expected to recolonize the services provided by many sectors, including education, health, transportation and entertainment, in addition to being an integral component of future smart cities.

Omantel is the leading telecommunications company in the Sultanate and the main provider of integrated communications services to individuals, companies and government agencies. The company is making serious efforts to promote prosperity and growth in all sectors while introducing a new business concept, and bringing global content and entertainment.


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