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Transportation Services

Our expertise in distribution ensures the timely and efficient delivery of your goods to your customers. With a reliable fleet of trucks and trailers, we provide seamless transportation services, ensuring your goods reach their destination within Oman and regionally for GCC cross-border.

Our fleet of owned reefers is dedicated to preserving the freshness and quality of your perishable goods throughout the supply chain. The Asyad transport control tower offers real-time visibility and control over your shipments, empowering you to optimize your supply chain and reduce costs effectively. 

Backed by technology solutions that deliver an unparalleled customer experience, Asyad logistics software services offer a one-stop-shop, guiding customers seamlessly through their logistics journey. Our offerings consist of solid yet flexible options and features, allowing us to identify potential issues in real-time and take immediate corrective measures. 

As an integrated logistics company, our ability to connect sea and air transport through our road transportation solutions means our cargo services in Oman enable your business to access a broader range of markets and improve the speed and efficiency of your deliveries.