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  • Second batch of agreements signed with 5 startups under Tomooh Incubator Program
  • Asyad continues to support the private sector as a key partner in logistics and e-commerce
  • Tomooh Incubator is managed by Asyad Express to promote the growing e-commerce sector in Oman
  • Tomooh is part of Asyad Group’s sustainability agenda to support entrepreneurship
  • Asyad Group awarded 8104 contracts and purchase orders (OMR 32.7M) to private companies

Asyad Group, Oman's global integrated logistics service provider, signed agreements with 5 SMEs forming the second batch joining Tomooh Incubator Program, which aims at building a vibrant e-commerce community supported by a thriving logistics sector.

Managed by Asyad Express, Tomooh Incubator Program has been designed to be a powerful platform for e-commerce entrepreneurs, SMEs and startups, enabling them to access Asyad’s integrated logistics solutions. The incubator has become a vital component sitting at the heart of the Group’s Sustainability Agenda and sector development plans. Tomooh will support the five SMEs to improve their service quality, unlock business networking prospects and widen their regional customer base.

The five signatory companies, managed by Omani entrepreneurs, stand to gain much from these strategic agreements, being the second batch of SMEs in this niche incubator program. The companies are the online market platform businesses, Onur Fashion, HiCloset and Zaad Oman; Techno Store, an ecosystem product and appliance retailer; and Fatma & Amal Services. Tomooh is expected to help these startups develop their trading capabilities and become part of Oman’s growing e-commerce business community to transform the Sultanate into a destination of choice for major e-commerce companies in the region.

In addition to large office spaces and enhanced packages for admin services, the five companies will tap into the multiple benefits that the Incubator Program has to offer. These include special rates provided by Asyad Express’ marketing and cloud service provider partners and discounts over normal delivery rates. They will also avail themselves of exclusive invites to events and workshops organized by Asyad (e.g. LMD, E-commerce and Logistics, etc.) as well as one-year hosting cycle in Asyad’s cloud network and direct access to Asyad’s consulting SME experts.

On this occasion, Oman Post & Asyad Express CEO, Nasser Al Sharji commented, “We have always taken it upon ourselves to empower SMEs while fulfilling our ICV commitments. Since the day we launched “Tomooh” as a niche incubator program, we have pursued our goal to create the right infrastructure and opportunities for SMEs and startups, allowing them to maximise their quality of service and ramp up their revenues to grow and expand their customer base. We also focused on developing their competitiveness in e-commerce through last-mile solutions.” Al Sharji added that the second batch will join Tomooh following the huge success of the program last year.

On his part, the Group In-Country Value Lead, Mr. Khalfan Khamis Al Khusaibi, explained that the purpose of Tomooh is to create growth opportunities for Omani startups and SMEs symbiotically by nurturing a vibrant e-commerce business community. “This would help us build a better business ecosystem and support the goal of the Sultanate of becoming a regional logistics hub,” he added.

The event was significant in its strategic contribution to supporting private entities in e-commerce and playing a vital role towards inward investment and promoting the nation’s competitiveness in keeping with the Sultanate of Oman Logistics Strategy 2040 (SOLS 2040) and its logistics and supply chain themes of which Asyad Group has always been a key enabler.

In 2021 alone, Asyad Group awarded 8,104 contracts and purchase orders with a total of OMR 32.7 million, of which 2,674 contracts and POs (OMR 6.7 million) were awarded to SMEs and 5,430 (OMR 26 million) to large corporation, all operating in Oman.

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