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Salalah Free Zone an Economic Platform for Petrochemical and Processing Industries

Salalah Free Zone (SFZ), a member of Asyad Group, continues to consolidate its logistics role in supporting the petrochemical and natural materials processing sectors and to make headway in attracting international investments and contributing to the diversification of Oman’s revenue streams.

It is thanks to SFZ’s prime location that serves as a gateway to global markets and international trade that all petrochemical and materials processing companies can easily tap into the large local and international supply and source raw materials and commodities.

Aside from its strategic location and easy access to global markets, SFZ capitalizes on its proximity to Salalah Port that enables companies operating the free zone to draw on its critical logistics offering. A key service provided by the port is the central service corridor that streamlines the transportation of hydrocarbons and petrochemicals from SFZ to Salalah Port, offering a quick and efficient supply line. In addition, Salalah Port offers a variety of crucial services including 24/7 container loading and shipping, container maintenance and repair services, and a host of vessel support services such as fueling, storage and support for self-steering sailboats.

With this impressive service lineup, SFZ is showing its clear and strong resolve to become a leading global hub for the petrochemical and processing industries.

Along with such diverse services, SFZ provides companies operating in the field of chemical industries and materials processing with a massive space of approximately 2.6 million square meters, an area that hosts major players of the petrochemical sector such as OQ for Methanol, OQ for LPG, OCTAL, and many other companies boasting outstanding technical capabilities. SFZ has become today home to leading suppliers and manufacturers of a range of vital products such methanol, ammonia, PET, APET, and LPG. Moreover, SFZ hosts other renowned materials processing companies such as Global Gypsum Board Company LLC, Carmeuse Majan, Associated Industries, USG Boral, and many other companies and manufacturers of gypsum board, limestone and construction material.

To ensure that all companies operating in SFZ have an optimal environment that stimulates growth and facilitates the development of the petrochemical and materials processing sector, SFZ offers full access to attractive facilities and large areas of land at highly competitive rates, as well as adequate supplies of raw materials which has been a critical factor in the success story of this sector.

Leveraging its proximity to gypsum and limestone quarrying locations and its unique strategic location on key maritime routes, SFZ has grown into a coveted base of operations for exporters across the globe offering fast shipping and access to most international and regional markets within no later than two weeks. It also offers many economic incentives such as exemptions from various taxes, VAT and custom duties, as well as 100% foreign ownership and many more incentive packages to ensure the sustainable success of this critical sector.

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