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Robust Governance

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Empowering Omani SMEs

Asyad Group has always been a key enabler of sustainable trade in Oman. The Group empowers SMEs in Oman to promote inward investment and the Sultanate’s competitiveness. Taking its commitment one step further, Asyad Group has established benchmarks that quantify partnerships with women-owned businesses and SMEs. Moreover, the Group is aligned with Public Authority for SME Development. Together, we have established an Asyad Group-backed incubation program for Omani entrepreneurs and start-ups.

Asyad_dry_dock_steel fabrication

Protecting Your Data

Asyad Group is committed to data protection and security. We recognize our duty of care to our employees, contractors, partners, and customers. To this end, Asyad Group has implemented training for employees in data ethics to further bolster security within the group. Moreover, we comply with the new Personal Data Protection Law Royal Decree No 6/2022. We aim to create a safe and secure digital experience for all entities that interact with our digital platforms.

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Good business practices

Asyad Group has established business ethics compliance to promote integrity among our employees and gain trust from key stakeholders, partners, and customers.