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Backer Haji Abdullatiff Fazul Co. LLC

About Backer Haji Abdullatiff Fazul Co. LLC

Bhacker Haji Abdullatiff Fazul Co LLC represents some of the leading shipping lines in Oman. As agents for regular container shipping lines, we move beyond port operations and serve the commercials needs of Exporters and Importers in the Sultanate of Oman. Our state of the art infrastructure and facilities help provide world class services to our clients. On behalf of our Principals we negotiate rates with customers, notify customers of arrivals, book cargo and promote the business of the shipping lines. We serve the containerized trade in Oman for Europe and Mediterranian ports, Far East, Latin America, North America and Australasia. Our complete knowledge of the local and regional markets ensures near complete dominance in trade to and from the above mentioned sectors. Our strong Office Infrastructure and professional manpower ensures compliance to quality standards.

“Bhacker House”,
Building No. 361, Lane No.816, Way No. 805,
P.O. Box No.1068, Ruwi P.C. 112,
Muscat, Sultanate of Oman
View on the map +968 99351356 +968 99351356

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