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Technology is key to SOLS2040, and technology is driving a transformation in logistics practices across the Sultanate. We focus on identifying, adopting and facilitating the use of value driven and innovative technology across four domains:

Governance through Business Intelligence

We aim to use and promulgate business intelligence tools and technologies to bring transparency in governance, visibility for operational effectiveness and simplify scorecards to evaluate performance.

Visibility Infrastructure

To support private enterprises and retail customers in planning their activities around delivery milestones.

We champion the use of leading track-and-trace systems and vehicle monitoring technologies. This collaborative has harnessed mobility solutions to make track-and-trace available on-the-go.

Innovative Technology Adoption

New and innovative technologies such as Augmented Reality, self-driving or assisted vehicles, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), Internet of Things (IoT), Automated Warehouses, 3D printing and AI-based algorithms can provide a competitive advantage in logistical operations. We are keen to partner with enterprises and agencies to pilot and test these new technologies."