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Workshops Overview

The yard also comprises six large, state-of-the-art workshops that are well-equipped with modern, high-tech fabrication machines - such as the latest steel CNC (Computer Numerical Control), Oxy and Plasma cutting machines for cutting, welding and preparation for steel sections - for newbuilding and repair operations. All welding operations are performed to the highest levels of QA (Quality Assurance) and QC (Quality Control) welding activities.


The workshops feature: The workshops feature: Pipe and outfitting

Electric shop

Machinery shop

Hull shop

Blasting and painting shops

Cryogenic shop

Workshops Details

While the pipe shop houses pipe/cutting and bending, threading, grinders, beveling cutting and portable manually operated cold cutting, pipe cutting machines and welding machines, the electrical shop comprises necessary equipment to conduct repairs on all electrical and electronic equipment on-board ship. These workshops function in association with on-board repair and maintenance operations, implementing all types of balancing and calibration operations as per top international standards.

Blasting and painting operations of Asyad Drydocks also meet exceptional global standards. Blasting (down to SA2.5) of hulls and cargo holds/tanks is implemented according to the specifications of all the major paints and coatings manufacturers; the hull accommodates all types of anti-fouling, including silicone-based coatings.

The machine shop features different machining operations that are available to carry out repairs on all items of mechanical equipment. The machines here include lathes, drills, and grinders suitable for larger items of equipment, including shafts.

The hull shop is designed to supply steel renewals for general repair operations as well as large scale steel structures/modules for projects such as conversions, lengthening, etc.

The Cryogenic shop, approved by GTT (the world’s leading LNG containment system licensee), is available for specialized clean repair of pumps and valves from LNG tankers.

Dry Dock Services


The main backbone of any ship repair yard’s annual turnover is the general repair market. Known in the trade as ‘haircut and shave’, this market segment covers all the regular repairs, maintenance and refurbishments, normally during Class Survey drydocking.

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PROVS provides global operating shipping lines and managers professional ship repair services while the vessel is at anchorage, in port, off port drifting and/or on the voyage in the Persian Gulf.

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Apart from all types of ships, the graving docks at Asyad Drydocks, can also comfortable handle the repairs of jack-up rigs and other offshore structures.

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Asyad Drydock facilities can also be made available to industrial projects, especially those involving steel structures such as bridges, pilings, RSJ’s etc.

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