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Join our Logistics Research Competition



The LOGISTICS RESEARCH COMPETITION is a competition for a students' in higher education that focuses on showcasing their problem-solving capacity, sharing knowledge and exchanging ideas, improving their communication and developing their analytical skills on several logistics related areas.

The duration of the competition will be taking place between September 2019 – December 2019, through which students will undertake research for a project of interest from  the main priority areas of innovation.



  •  To give  graduate students the opportunity to share their  ideas and research outcomes, which will help to provide visibility for their work.
  • To give students the opportunity to meet and interact with logistics companies and experts to share ideas, gain industry insights, and understand possible practical applications.
  • To give students an opportunity to sharpen their communication skills.
  • To provide detailed feedback to students about their research and presentation, from a panel of distinguished judges from industry and academia.
  • To recognize and reward outstanding student research.


Eligibility Criteria:

The competition is open to 4th and final year bachelor students in any discipline as  group project (not more than 4 students). A project supervisor can be from academia, or industry and should be allocated to the team at the start of the process. furthermore an approval must be submitted in writing. The supervisor shall remain throughout the project supporting the student (to coach and mentor). They must NOT be listed as co-authors and should not be involved in the project in any other role to that of the advisor/ coach/ mentor.



The application is due October 17, 2019  by midnight (PST).



  • 1st winner :   1000 OMR
  • 2nd winner:  500 OMR
  • 3rd winner :  300 OMR


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Team Information


Team must consist of 3-4 members.

Supervisor Details

Letter of Approval

This field is required

(The approval letter must be issued by the supervisor through which he\she expresses willingness to support the team during the competition period)

Research Proposal

(State the main purpose of your study, provide brief description of the research problem and some related studies, and identify the key concepts of your paper)

(Maximum five keywords)

(What is the type of your research design and why?)

Briefly describe the expected population size or percent of population that would be included as a sample, sampling type and technique (how you will choose your sample), and sample main characteristics (such as gender, age group, education …etc).

(Describe the data collection tool that you are going to use to collect the data you need to answer your research questions)

(Describe what statistical techniques you are going to utilize in order to analyze your data and answer your questions)


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Please attach the full report and\or the support documents