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Partnering with Communities


Groupwide implementation of QHSSE

Health, Safety, Security, Environment & Quality (HSSEQ), integrated into the Asyad Group ethos, are critical to its business and operations. Through close monitoring of QHSSE performance indicators, regular on-site visits, and awareness campaigns, Asyad Group leads by example in Oman’s logistics sector. We are working hand-in-hand with authorities and encouraging partners and customers to embed QHSSE priorities in their day-to-day business.

Sustainable Procurement to Deliver on Goals

Our procurement vision is to deliver value to our business and our stakeholders whilst protecting them from risks. Asyad Group works with local SMEs whenever possible; each partnership can help create positive economic, social, and environmental impact in the communities where we operate. We uphold high standards when onboarding new suppliers and are developing a supplier code of conduct to ensure parity across the Group’s selection process. New suppliers are screened using environmental and social criteria.

Creating Shared Value

Taking active responsibility to support the societies where we operate thereby creating shared value with the community. Asyad Group is focused on youth development as outlined in Oman Vision 2040 and has committed to initiatives to foster financial independence and skill development amongst the youth while increasing confidence amongst the underprivileged. Additionally, we encourage and promote a culture of volunteering in Omani society. To achieve our goals, we often partner with government, social and educational stakeholders, targeting selected projects that would have significant social impact.

Fostering a Culture of Belonging

Diversity in the workplace, and fostering an inclusive environment establishes a sense of belonging amongst all employees. Asyad Group believes that when employees feel connected at work, they work harder and smarter. To foster a bigger talent pool and increase employee engagement and trust, Asyad Group has established benchmarks that quantify the inclusion of women at all levels. Moreover, the group continues to monitor additional metrics such as age and nationality representation amongst its diverse workforce.

A Highly Engaged Organization

Asyad Group encourages creativity, innovation, and employee retention by developing trust and investing in employee professional development and success. Recently, we have implemented reward and recognition programs to increase employee engagement and our eNPS. Asyad Group continues to invest in its workforce through continuous enhancement of all measured KPIs, monitoring and reporting, and fostering a culture of transparent and open conversations amongst its workforce.

A Safe Workplace is Good Business

Asyad Group respects the rights of our employees, partners, contractors, and community, and we are committed to the health, safety, and security of all. We have implemented several measures to ensure that human rights are upheld across the business. These include Grievance Mechanisms for laborers, the implementation of the Seafarer Employment Agreement, as well as alignment with the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006. Asyad is not only inclusive but also built on encouraging all employees to raise their concerns related to potential risks and hazards to safety.