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The Potential of Hydrogen Transition for Ports in Oman



As a responsible global citizen and trusted logistics provider, Asyad Group presents to you Oman's first outlook on hydrogen transition for ports in Oman, where we identify the key hydrogen enablers in the near future and explore the prospects of a long journey towards clean energy and a decarbonized logistics sector.

We at Asyad Group recognize our duty as Oman's national hydrogen logistics provider to continuously develop our potential in this emerging industry and utilize our world-class logistics ecosystem to provide optimal support for the up-and-coming hydrogen industry in the Sultanate.

We work proactively to better our position in all futuristic markets and sectors, especially ones that have the potential to support Oman Vision 2040 and its renewable energy objectives. That is why we continue to explore our hydrogen potential through such studies, reports and outlooks that can better shape our development plans.

In that spirit, we produced this outlook to identify pathways that will prepare our ecosystem to act as a lever for the new era of sustainability and green energy in the GCC and MENA. The following pages show how Asyad Group is ideally positioned to utilize its maritime muscles, superior brick-and-mortar infrastructure and innovative mindset to secure the necessary logistics competencies to support the national, regional and global drive to net zero.

This exploratory document provides a comprehensive view of the advanced capabilities of our three deep-water ports of Duqm, Sohar and Salalah to achieve our decarbonization targets and act as forward logistic operating bases for worldwide clean energy transport. With their ideal locations, our ports are prime regional and global candidates to become vital hydrogen logistics hubs and later fully-fledged hydrogen valleys.

In Oman, this outlook is the first publication released on hydrogen transition to signal the Sultanate's readiness to kick off production initiatives and contribute to the world's renewable energy supply. We showcase all the advantages Oman offers to become a vital presence in the new market and harness its geographic location, geopolitical benefits and recognized credibility.

We place in your hands our forward-looking publication that captures a glimpse of the role of logistics in a future guided by Oman Vision 2040 and sustainability agenda and the diligent national policies on hydrogen, the future lifeblood of the industry.

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