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Committed to Alternative Energy

Asyad_dry_dock_steel fabrication

Decarbonizing Logistics

The Group aims to meet future targets of Net Zero by 2050. Our goal to be a global leader in decarbonization is ambitious but achievable. The Group is focused on investing in green hydrogen and container vessels operating on green methanol, as well as partnership opportunities to activate decarbonization in the supply chain through Clean Cargo and LNG bunkering. 

Asyad_dry_dock_steel fabrication

Effective Waste Management

Reducing waste and pollution through environmental management systems is a key focus for Asyad Group. We are investing in R&D to deploy big data and emerging technologies to develop sustainable solutions and future-proof a more resilient global supply chain.  Waste management goals include offsetting emissions by recycling food waste, identifying and eliminating fuel waste, and partnering with stakeholders in waste management strategies across various business verticals.