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About Marafi

A member of ASYAD Group, Oman’s integrated logistics provider, MARAFI specialises in port operations and all associated management services. The company is a core component of ASYAD’s vision to reclaim Oman’s 2,000-year-old trade leadership.

MARAFI’s first project was the operation and management of Port Sultan Qaboos, followed by the ports of Suwaiq, Shinas and Khasab.

Port Sultan Qaboos has established itself as the focal point of maritime tourism to and from Oman. Its location and high operational efficiency have helped to position it as the preferred port of choice for cruise liners, which have expanded their operations from port of call to turnaround calls, and winter calls to year-round calls. In fact, the port’s ongoing success means that it will soon become a home port for a number of major cruise lines.

Port Suwaiq and Port Shinas are medium size ports along the north coast of Sultanate that provide outstanding services to local importers and exporters, specifically for those using small ships with small parcel sized shipments. These ports have been identified for major infrastructure development given sustained and fast-growing demand from international and domestic partners.

Port Khasab, situated in the strait of Hormuz, has been selected by MARAFI as a prime candidate for development as a cruise liner destination, cargo and container re-export and transshipment hub, and industrial zone. The port is a growing tourism hub and essential gateway to Musandam, in addition to serving international markets through transshipment operations.   

In addition to MARAFI’s four coastal ports, the company is also playing a central role in the development of the dry port at Khazaen Economic City. The dry port promises to drive growth by linking Oman’s seaports to the commercial, industrial and economic heartlands of the Sultanate by speeding up the movement of containers and cargo and reducing the total cost of importing and exporting goods.

MARAFI’s ambition does not end at the borders of the Sultanate. The company is oriented towards long-term international growth, and is currently engaged in takeover discussions with a number of foreign port operations.

MARAFI is dedicated to developing the Sultanate’s economy and the communities it serves and is keenly aware of its corporate social responsibilities. Effective and transparent governance, operational excellence, and the development of human capital lie at the heart of the company’s mission statement.

MARAFI’s aim is simple - to earn recognition as the world’s premier port and logistics operating company.

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