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Trade facilitation is the principal key in unlocking latent logistics potential in any economy. Without it, cargo and therefore business will move elsewhere.

In developing the SOLS 2040 program, the OLC team has set us five goals.

The first goal on which our team works together, is to review and map all current processes for approvals for the import, export and transfer of goods across and within Oman’s borders.

Secondly, we need to ensure that the logistics processes of government entities match or exceed the best global standards.

Our third goal is to identify, recommend and implement practical or legislative changes to identified processes in order to substantially improve clearance accuracy and speed.

Our fourth goal is to work closely with the DG of Customs in accelerating the processes for establishing, licensing and commencement of operations in Oman for domestic and foreign-owned logistics companies.

Finally, our aim is to enhance government and private sector relationships by working with both sectors to adjust legislation, and streamline and modernize existing legal processes in alignment with international law and practice.