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OLC Concludes the Logistics Research Competition

Oman Logistics Center’s Logistics Research Competition was concluded on Monday evening, 24 February 2019, after more than 90 students took part in the competition from seven different colleges and universities across the Sultanate. The event took place under the patronage of Hon.Dr.Al Sheikh. Alkhattab bin Ghalib Alhinaii, Deputy Chairman of Oman State Council, and in the presence of Abdulrahman Al Hatmi, CEO of ASYAD Group, and Al Khattab Al Maani, Executive Director of Oman Logistics Center.

The team that conducted the project “Application of Neural Networks Empowered Mobile Robots for Material Handling” scooped the competition’s top spot and a 1000 OMR prize money, while the team responsible of “Growing it Carefully, Sourcing it Optimally, Eating it Mindfully, Disposing it Sustainably” was ranked second, with a prize money of 500 OMR. The third team was awarded a 300 OMR prize for their project “IoT based Application for Monitoring Warehouses”.

The competition focused on showcasing fourth year students’ ability to find new innovative solutions and technologies to overcome challenges that stand in the way of the Sultanate’s fast-growing logistic sector. It also aims to exchange knowledge between students, improve their communication, and develop their analytical skills in many relevant logistic fields. This is done through an assessment committee that is presented by a number of leading figures and entities in the logistic sector, including Warith Al Kharusi, CEO of Al Safwa Group, Mohammed Al Jabri, the Logistics and Warehouse Manager of Areej Vegetable Oils and Derivatives, and Ahmed Tabook, Program Director Markets, ASYAD Group, among others.

The closing day, held in the German University of Technology, also included an exhibition for students to present their work to different companies and organizations in the logistic sector.

Mr. Al Khattab Salim Al Maani, Executive Director of Oman Logistics Center said:

“This competition is a great example of how education programs and institutions across the Sultanate contribute to developing Omani talents. It also invests in researches which pushes the logistic sector to the top, enriches the market with important information and data, and spread best practices for logistic services companies.” He also assured that Oman Logistics Center will continue to support winning programs during their journeys and contribute in developing them in accordance with the fast-paced logistic sector.

Warith Al Kharusi also said “We were pleased to see such innovative, exciting proposals that will make an active contribution to the logistics industry across the Sultanate. From shipping to e-commerce and rail, the breadth of understanding from the students of the logistics industry in Oman was outstanding".

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