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SOLS 2040
SOLS 2040 The Sultanate of Oman Logistics Strategy 2040, known as SOLS 2040, is the program developed by the OLC team of experts. It outlines a strategy that embraces the contribution of logistics to Omani GDP growth, the market share of goods that flow into the region, related employment growth, employment opportunities and job-creation, the position of Oman on various logistics and industrial indices, and the global perception of Oman in relation to logistics.

In defining of the strategy outlined in SOLS 2040, the OLC team has outlined a mandate for us at Asyad.

OLC’s mandate
At OLC, we have a mandate which clearly aims to establish Oman as a global logistics hub by driving the implementation of SOLS 2040 in order to formulate a national markets development plan. At the same time we are committed to coordinating and supporting trade facilitation reforms that drive the implementation of next-generation technologies as well as national human capital development efforts.


Implementing the logistics strategy which require an empowered implementation organization to oversee the change management process. This involves re-engineering processes, implementing projects and inducing culture and behavioral change. To effect this change, the executing organization - is known as the Oman Logistics Center (OLC). The OLC commence the implementation of the strategy across government ministries, agencies and industrial sectors. 

The OLC will have the same mandate namely to:

• Execute and supervise the implementation of SOLS 2040 - and make logistics a core economic driver for the Oman economy.
• Realize the ambitions set out in this document.
• Encourage the private sector to invest in and develop logistics competence in Oman.
• Administer, improve and develop the logistics sector in accordance with the best international practice.