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Abdulrahman Al Hatmi, CEO, Oman Global Logistics Group (ASYAD), on enhancing transport and expanding Duqm’s port

Q: What will be the key growth drivers of the transport and logistics sector for the next decade?

AL HATMI: Creating efficiencies, offering economies of scale and providing integrated solutions across the logistics value chain will be key differentiators for Oman over the next decade. The sultanate’s commercial environment is improving and will certainly benefit international customers. According to the World Bank’s “Doing Business 2020” report, Oman ranks first in the region in terms of trading across borders, offering the fastest clearance times in the GCC, a result which helped raise our ranking by 10 positions in the ease of doing business index. Oman’s natural geographic advantages will also play a role. Situated directly on the main east-west trade route, Oman offers fast access to regional and global markets. For instance, goods transported from Oman can reach the US within two weeks. This proximity significantly reduces costs and working capital, and instead of travelling through the Strait of Hormuz, vessels that call at Oman’s ports can save up to four days in transit time – reducing fuel costs by up to $250,000 per trip. Oman’s neutral relations with countries is another salient growth factor, and manufacturing businesses benefit from

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