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Send anywhere globally

5-star service to send your parcels and packages to the recipient’s door within 24-72 hours in 220 destinations worldwide. This service is available in all our branches and has the feature of track and trace.


*Rates may vary according to the length, width and height of the package.

International Express FAQs

1. How do I Track my Shipment?
2. How About Items that are Prohibited by Certain Countries?
3. What is Your Policy on Compensation
4. What is your Delivery Time or Transit Time for Different Destinations?
5. What are the General Conditions of Shipping with ASYAD Express?
6. What is the Maximum Weight for shipments by ASYAD Express International?
7. What are Maximum Dimensions for shipments by ASYAD Express International?
8. Do you have Electronic Payment Option at Oman Post ASYAD Express Offices?
9. Do you provide Shipping Boxes at Oman Post ASYAD Express Offices?
10. How much are the Custom Duty Charges?
11. How do I File a Complaint?
12. Who is Responsible for Packaging and Preparation of Materials?
13. What are the Prohibited Items?
14. Are Valuable Items such as Smart Phones and other Electronic Gadgets Subject to Insurance?