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Sohar Port Concludes Wheat and Grain Shipments Handling Agreement to Facilitate Direct Importation to the Sultanate from Countries of Origin

 C. Steinweg Oman LLC, the operating company of the general cargo terminal in Sohar Port, entered into an agreement with the Sohar Flour Mills to handle shipments of wheat and grains, with the aim of ensuring the sustainability of the flow of goods and commodities within the Sultanate through direct importation from the countries of origin, and the use of logistical solutions for traders and importers to secure supply chains from various global shipping lines.

 On the occasion of signing the agreement, Mr. Hendrik Van Mierop, CEO of C. Steinweg Oman LLC, stated that the cooperation with Sohar Flour Mills is an extension of the joint business between the two companies. This ensures the continuity of the supply chain of various wheat and grain products from the countries of origin. He also pointed out that this reflects the efforts aimed at ensuring food security through direct importation into Sohar port.

He stated that the agreement allows for providing competitive fees to Sohar Flour Mills for efficient handling, unloading of wheat shipments and transporting them to the Sohar Flour Mills warehouse.

The CEO added, “Sohar Port, through the C. Steinweg Oman LLC, which operates the general cargo terminal, harnesses all capabilities and logistical solutions to facilitate direct import, and that the agreement with Sohar Flour Mills comes within the framework of enhancing food security in the Sultanate and facilitating easier movement of imports and exports.”

“The company aims to support the relentless efforts taken by the government to enhance food security in the Sultanate by supplying the local and global market with wheat products.  Sohar Port, as a logistical center for many international shipping lines, provides the appropriate means to import wheat grains directly from countries of origin.”
Raed bin Mohammed Al-Rabaei, CEO of Sohar Flour Mills

He said that the allocation of a special berth for handling and loading of the company's special goods constitutes a competitive advantage that contributes to strengthening its capabilities to directly import production inputs and export the final products throughout the world. He added, “Thanks to competitive advantages and smooth procedures, we import tens of thousands of tons of the finest wheat directly from the producing countries, and after processing we directly export them to various countries of the world.”

He also said, “Sohar Flour Mills is currently working on building silos with a large storage capacity.  The company owns facilities with advanced technologies from the Swiss company (BUHLER), which is considered the most advanced in the region.”

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