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ASYAD Opens Registration for IBHAR Incubation Program

Muscat, July 7 – ASYAD, the end-to-end logistics services provider in the Middle East, announced that registration for IBHAR Incubation Program 2019-2020 is open until 1st of August.

The program is designed to support the development of Oman`s logistics sector by empowering entrepreneurs and providing a wide range of support for startups and SME growth in the logistics sector.

Through the one -year incubation program, IBHAR will offer incubator space, business support services, consultation, marketing and networking opportunities for startups. IBHAR will speed up the growth of start-up companies and guiding early-stage businesses on the road to commercial success within the logistics sector in Oman.

The incubation will focus on four main areas; manufacturing, services, technology and innovation. The program will play a vital role in injecting commercial business and dynamic growth into the national economy, bringing new products and services to the logistics market.

It is worth mentioning that four startups will graduate from the 2018/2019 program and 2019/2020 program is expected to incubate ten projects.


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