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Port's role in Oman's Economic Diversification

The conference was presided over by His Highness Sayyid Shihab bin Tariq Al Said. He said: “The Sultanate has been strongly associated with the sea throughout the history via which the Omani civilization has interacted with the civilizations of the world.”

Oman Ports Conference discussed the issue of maritime trade around the globe, the prospects of growth, and the role of logistics in ports integration.

The event has been organised by Al Roya in cooperation with the Ministry of Transport and Communications and Oman Global Logistics Group (ASYAD).

A number of port representatives and experts from friendly countries emphasized the importance of enhancing cooperation with the authorities in the Sultanate to develop the infrastructure of Omani ports and explore investment opportunities in these ports due to their proximity to the Strait of Hormuz and the open seas especially since measures taken by the government under ‘Tanfeedh’ programe are bearing fruit.

The conference made several important recommendations to strengthen the infrastructure of Omani ports, including rapid establishment of maritime trade corridors with emerging markets in order to benefit from the high economic growth rates in these countries and to achieve the desired economic returns.

This is in addition to enhancing businesses supporting these ports as well as adopting modern technologies to manage the sector, which helps simplify procedures and boost maritime trade.
The aim of this activity is to launch promotional campaigns for Omani ports abroad in order to familiarize investors with the elements of the Sultanate and attract shipping lines and capital to the country.

Omani ports have contributed to globalization, trade and global economy. This requires strengthening of the national efforts to further develop and enhance this sector and its specialties, including shipping, unloading, submerging, transit and tourism, as well as striving to achieve integration to carry the fruits of this cooperation to all Oman’s governorates.

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